BIQE (Batch Image Quality Enhancer)


WHAT IS BIQE ( Batch Image Quality Enhancer )

BIQE (Batch Image Quality Enhancer) is an OCR software for Windows, developed by Alanis in Siberia.

BIQE is the greatest product in the field of scan software we ever worked with.

BIQE stands for quality and efficiency and is a very user-friendly software product.

BIQE can do it all: automatized text recognition, convert scans and PDFs into digital format software – and more.

BIQE is the best OCR software, because it truly gets the best OCR results.

 Batch ImageQuality Enhancer Buck Prozessing

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WHY BIQE ( Batch Image Quality Enhancer)

BIQE is user-friendly software: what you see is what you get!

BIQE can, unlike other OCR software, enhance your texts and scanswhich improves the OCR results massively.

BIQE is thoroughly tested by people with practical experience and does not bother you with bugs or cumbersome scan tools.

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WHO USES BIQE ( Batch Image Quality Enhancer)

  • You are a private person, a company, government or other organisation.
  • You want to work a large number of scanned documents.
  • You want to actually enhance your texts – for best OCR results.
  • You want to make texts and PDFs searchable.
  • You want to export different kind of documents at once.
  • You don’t want to spent time-consuming hours on post correction.
  • You want an all-embracing OCR programm that gives you the best quality.
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