DPU Scan Professional


The universal scanning software for colour and black and white

Production scanning in color, gray or black and white at the same high speed are the strengths of DpuScan 4.1 in addition to data acquisition via user-defined dialogs and the quality control of scanned paper batches. At the same time, images can be improved and barcodes, patchcodes and any text can be recognized. Images are stored sorted by recognized document information. Different performance classes for different requirements The Dpu Scan software is available in the following versions:
  • DpuScan QSI
  • DpuScan Standard
  • DpuScan Professional
  • DpuScan Gold
  • DpuScan GL-10 für 10 ppm duplex/Min.
  • DpuScan GL-16 für 16 ppm duplex/Min.
  • DpuScan GL-25 für 25 ppm duplex/Min.
  • DpuScan GL-32 für 32 ppm duplex/Min.
  • DpuScan GL-50 für 50 ppm duplex/Min.
  • DpuScan GL-100 für 100 ppm duplex/Min.
  • DpuScan GL-150 für 150 ppm duplex/Min.
  • DPU Server (5, 20, 50, 100 Lizenzen)
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