Scanning and archiving with Bookeye and BDS since 2005

The Lambach Abbey was founded in 1056, when Adalbero of the Eppenstein family of Lambach-Wels donated a large part of the family estate as a monastery. The monks’ tasks have always included pastoral care, retreats, guest accommodation, school lessons, cooperation in the monastery’s businesses, cultural care, supervision of the art treasures and archives, landscape conservation and much more.

More than 950 years of history leave traces and testimonies of many generations who lived, worked and prayed here in the Lambach Monastery as monks. These historical documents and documents are kept in the archives and collections. The archive contains 1,000 slipcase volumes, 700 manuscripts and other valuable archival material. One of the most important manuscripts in the archive is certainly that of W. A. Mozart, the so-called “Lambach Symphony”.
The precious, old but also sensitive writings are now digitized with the Bookeye A2 Color overhead light scanner in order to protect them and not to stress them by hand. The BDS software will be used to manage data and will soon be made available to the general public by the web publisher. This innovative and future-oriented step protects and preserves the cultural heritage, but also enables contemporary access to historical knowledge and art.

Stift Lambach