The company Mikrocop d. o. o. digitized valuable, 488 year old archival material

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»Archives – Treasures of Remembrance«

The company Mikrocop d.o.o. from Ljubljana digitizes extremely valuable archival material stored in the Ljubljana Historical Archive.

Mikrocop had the honour to digitize the manuscripts of the minutes of the Ljubljana City Council, which were written in the 16th century between 1527 and 1552.

Mikrocop Scannen

The manuscripts are extremely well preserved despite their venerable age, which is why digitisation proceeded without major problems. Digitization was performed with the Bookeye 4 V2 Professional book scanner. 1,268 coloured digital photographs of the manuscripts were taken, and the quality of the digitised documents in the Ljubljana Historical Archive was extremely satisfactory.

Mikrocop d.o.o