With Panasonic network scanners at the pulse of time

With the introduction of the new KV-S10Y series of network scanners, Panasonic meets the demand for technologies that can be integrated into the work processes of companies of all sizes.
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The scanners are ideally suited for use in small and medium-sized offices as well as in companies, banks, financial institutions, office environments in the medical sector, hotels and the hospitality industry.
With a variety of different and flexible features, the KV-S10Y Series scanners help organizations and users move to fully digital workflows.
• Thanks to the network connection, scans enter the user’s system directly – without any PC connection at all
• The scanners can be easily integrated into a network via web browser and transmit scans to e-mail programs, FTP, SMB server, SharePoint or cloud applications.
• High-speed duplex mode saves time (65 ppm for KV-S1058Y, 45 ppm for KV-S1028Y)
• The high-capacity automatic document processor is ideal for large volumes of documents
• Reliable paper feed with double feed detection, double feed skip and one-touch scanning for a smooth workflow
• Scanning a variety of documents offers greater flexibility – passports, embossed cards and long paper formats are easily processed

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